“If you don’t live to serve, you are not fit to live”

Mother Teresa of Calcutta

“If you don’t live to serve,
you are not fit to live”

Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Ideology of our founder

Eduardo Monroy Cárdenas


Remembering our founder

Eduardo Monroy

Grupo La Moderna and the business career of its founder, Mr. Eduardo Monroy Cárdenas, are inextricably linked; being impossible to explain the evolution of the consortium, without ceasing to recognize its transcendental contribution, which is present in the philosophy that animates the daily tasks and the actions that are undertaken to achieve the goals.

Don Eduardo Monroy Cárdenas, was a business man, dedicated to work, demanding for himself, inspiring great confidence, a visionary who did not give up in the face of discouragement; his school was work and his values were aligned with daily activities. He had the proverb as a philosophy, to weld a teaching with it. He drew from his family, the example, and he had to be for others.


The La Moderna Food Pasta Factory was founded in 1920 when the Vendrel brothers of Spanish origin partnered with Don Alberto A. Henkel to start a small pasta factory.


They were forced to hand over the business to Don Rafael Costa, who, together with his son-in-law, Don Javier Reverter, managed it until 1927, the year in which he retired to Spain and handed over the administration to Don Javier.



Mr. Javier Reverter sells the factory to Mr. Esteban Abascal Saldamando, who modernizes it and moves it to its current location and acquires the best technology of the time.


On June 1, 1959, Mr. Luis Dosal (who died 24 days later), Mr. Carlos Scougall and Mr. Eduardo Monroy Cárdenas, who remains in charge of the General Directorate, acquired the factory in partnership.

Don Carlos sells his part to Don Eduardo, who at 33 years of age takes full control of the company. La Moderna was conquering the markets of the state of Hidalgo and the region of the Mexican lowlands while expanding to the State of Mexico.

Since that time, staying at the forefront of technology, acquiring state-of-the-art machinery, constantly renewing production equipment and seeking advice from one of the world-renowned pasta specialists, Mr. Luigi Geremia Zanon, has been set as a business strategy.



National Flour Company S.A. of C.V. today Molinos del Sudeste S.A. of C.V. Located in the city of Toluca, it was the first mill to be acquired by Don Eduardo Monroy Cárdenas. Over time, it became the main supplier of raw material for the La Moderna Pasta Factory.


The country enjoyed the growth and economic stability known as “the Mexican miracle.” These factors favored the installation of a biscuit factory in the city of Toluca, which was established on December 30, 1972 under the name Fábrica de Galletas La Moderna S.A. of C.V.


The Biscuit Factory La Moderna S.A. of C.V. It would begin its operations in August 1974, in a property located in the industrial zone of Toluca, on the highway to Naucalpan.


On October 17, 1978, Táblex S.A. was created. of C.V. embodying in its initials the ideology of virtues of a good businessman: T for work, A for administration, B for good faith, L for loyalty, the last two letters being an allusion to Excellence and Success.



The La Moderna Food Pasta Factory was founded in 1920 when the Vendrel brothers of Spanish origin partnered with Don Alberto A. Henkel to start a small pasta factory.


On September 3, 1987, the family business becomes public when its shares are listed on the Mexican Stock Exchange, with the key on the “Tablex” board, which would later become “GModern”.


“Harinera Los Pirineos” S.A. is founded. de C.V., being one of the most advanced mills in the American continent.

The company Interamerican Foods Corporation is created in Texas, United States, whose primary activity has been to open the market in this country, immediately achieving good results.


Our history


In the nineties, the milling units of Toluca are modified to be able to process crystalline wheat (Trícticum Dúrum) and obtain semolina; From then on, pasta would be produced with the same type of wheat that is used in the leading countries in this field: Italy, France and the United States.

The company Papeles Corrugados is founded, part of the packaging division of Grupo La Moderna, located in the typical city of Metepec, State of Mexico.


The facilities of the company Plastic Films from Zinacantepec, State of Mexico, were relocated to Atlacomulco and the construction of a new industrial warehouse began.


The new Plastic Film facilities in Atlacomulco were officially inaugurated. Currently, these work day by day.


The Distribution Center in Texas is put into operation. Some time later, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) recognizes that the Group’s products meet quality and safety standards for consumption and wins a tender to supply pasta in bulk to prisons in Texas.


In Plastic Films S.A. of C.V. New inks with organic materials were developed, which allowed us to increase our participation in the food and fried foods market destined for export.


Tablex-Miller S. de R.L. of C.V. (TAMISA), is founded in partnership with Miller Milling Co., of Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States, with the purpose of manufacturing durum wheat semolina for export from southern Sonora.


Molinos del Fénix S.A. is acquired. of C.V. (MOFESA), this company has more than 120 years of tradition and is located in Saltillo, Coahuila.



Tablex S.A. of C.V. changes its corporate name to Grupo La Moderna S.A. of C.V. with the purpose of identifying all the companies and plants of its divisions with the La Moderna brand, which has already acquired a recognized prestige in the pasta, biscuit and flour market among clients, suppliers, workers and consumers.

The first distribution center was built where all the products made by Grupo La Moderna are moved. Currently, there are five more centers in the country: Guadalajara, Ramos Arizpe, Gómez Palacio, Mérida and Tijuana.


The Tres Estrellas brand was acquired, so it was necessary to install a rice mill in the city of Toluca, State of Mexico. As well as a flour mixture plant in Salamanca, Guanajuato in order to produce the products of said brand, which has been a leader in Mexico for more than 75 years.

Commercial alliance with Pastas Capri from Guatemala, which led to the inclusion of La Moderna products in this country and in Central America.

Pastas Cora is acquired.

2002 - 2003

Plastic Films obtained ISO 9001:2000 quality system certification in December 2002, in a record time of six months.

With the support of CONACYT, the Center for the Research and Development of New Products was built in order to analyze and develop the ideas and recommendations that arise.


The improvement of the Fábrica de Galletas S.A de C.V. reached the lines of maximum health and hygiene, obtaining certification in 2004 by the American Institute of Baking; that allows establishing procedures based on Good Manufacturing Practices, which guarantees greater reliability for customers. Likewise, Plastic Films obtained the certification.


Molinos del Fénix obtains the highest rating from the American Institute of Baking and launched a project to promote the planting of crystalline wheat in the state of Nuevo León and in the north and center of Coahuila, resulting in 100% of this type of wheat that is processed is of local origin with significant savings in its transportation.

Pastas Capri de Guatemala is acquired.


After complex negotiations with the La Moderna Group, in December 2007 the agreement was signed whereby Bimbo acquired 50% of the shares of the La Moderna Cookie Factory. According to the terms of said agreement, the administration and operation of the company would be the responsibility of Grupo “La Moderna”.

Molinos del Sudeste S.A. is created. of C.V. being to date the number one semolina supplier plant.


A record figure (45,014 tons) of products made by Grupo La Moderna is placed in the international market, including the United States, the Caribbean, Central and South America.

La Moderna Food Products obtains the CRESE certification (Socially Responsible Company Certification).


Knowing the values
of La Moderna

Our values are the compass that guides us to move in the right direction, surprise our customers and exceed their expectations.

Good faith

By always acting in good faith, obstacles and problems that arise in our lives can be overcome, no matter how big they may seem.


One of the greatest virtues of the human being. We want to be loyal to our principles, our ideals, our fellow men, and women, and above all, loyal to ourselves.


We must give that extra effort to achieve excellence in everything we do: from the service we provide to our customers to caring for the environment.

Our people

They are the most important asset of the company, so we are committed to support their development, their training, and encourage their participation in the decision-making stages of the company.


We believe that teamwork is the best way to carry out any task, which is why we promote it at all levels of the company.


We believe that the one of the main responsibilities of the company is to provide effective and honest leadership.


We believe in honesty as a personal development and business factor, making it an essential part of all our processes.


For us, responsibility is to take action based on our conviction and commitment to our duty; while assuming the consequences for all decisions made.