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The Art of Pasta!

For La Moderna USA Interamerican foods, it is a great honor to manufacture pasta in America and we are eager to continue establishing long-term relationships with our partners and friends for many years to come.

About Us

Back in 1985, La Moderna USA (Interamerican Foods Corporation) started as a project led by Grupo La Moderna, the market leader in the pasta category in Mexico.
It has now operated as an American company for more than 30 years, backed by the strength and the century of experience of Grupo La Moderna in Mexico; always maintaining the essence, openness, kindness, and Latin warmth that characterizes the group.
Macaroni pasta
In addition to La Moderna's classic products, La Moderna USA (Interamerican Foods Corporation) also produces and commercializes the brands: Anatina, Allegra, Tres Estrellas, and American Harvest to satisfy all of the needs of American homes

The project began as a distribution center in Laredo Tx...

addressing the need to get La Moderna’s products to Hispanics living in the United States, who yearned for the flavors of their homeland.

However, thanks to the loyalty of the Hispanic community and the growing interest of American consumers, in 2018 La Moderna USA (Interamerican Foods Corporation) opened a state-of-the-art plant with a high-tech distribution center, capable of producing more than 84 million pounds of pasta per year and distributing 120 million pounds of wheat-based products across America.

Faced with an ever-demanding market and a great variety of sophisticated consumers and clients, the factory was designed to allow a versatile production of shapes and presentations in order to meet the needs of
the ingredient, bulk, food service, and retail markets.

La Moderna USA (Interamerican Foods Corporation) has three strategically located distribution centers (Riverside, CA, Laredo, TX, and Cleburne, TX) that deliver the wide range of brands to all clients and consumers
across the country.


Tastes like home

La Moderna USA Interamerican Foods Corporation also continues to distribute a wide range of cookies, crackers, rice flour, pancake flour, churro flour, all-purpose flour, and packaged soups.

With a facility that reflects the great diversity of the land that hosts it, the diverse cultures at La Moderna USA (Interamerican Foods Corporation) demonstrate that cooperation and union among people bear great fruit.


Our People

They are the most important asset of the company, so we are committed to support their development, their training, and encourage their participation in the decision-making stages of the company.


We cannot settle for “good enough”, we must give that extra effort to achieve excellence in everything we do: from industrial processes, the products we manufacture, the services we provide, our accounting records, the responsibilities with our country, and the caring for the environment


Good Faith

By always acting in good faith, obstacles and problems that arise in our lives can be overcome, no matter how big they may seem.


We believe that teamwork is the best way to carry out any task, which is why we promote it at all levels of the company.


One of the greatest virtues of the human being. We want to be loyal to our principles, our ideals, our fellow men, and women, and above all, loyal to ourselves

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We believe that the one of the main responsibilities of the company is to provide effective and honest leadership.


We believe in honesty as a personal development and business factor, making it an essential part of all our processes.


For us, responsibility is to take action based on our conviction and commitment to our duty; while assuming the consequences for all decisions made.

Our Responsability